Pollination & Pest Management

Beneficial Insects & Nematodes

Many gardeners are using beneficial insects & nematodes as natural alternatives to chemical controls or to aid in pollination of fruit crops.

Mason Bees

Mason bees are excellent pollinators for fruiting plants. One mason bee can pollinate 100 times more flowers than the average honeybee. They are docile, solitary bees that are easy to keep & interesting to watch. Mason bee cocoons are available for purchase beginning in late winter.


An old-time favorite for young and old alike. Ladybugs are used to control aphids, spider mites, whitefly and other soft bodied pests. We do our best to keep Ladybugs in supply during early spring to late summer.


Microscopic, soil dwelling creatures used to control various pests in the lawn & garden, such as flea larvae, root weevils, cranefly and more. We usually have nematodes in stock during spring and summer.

Praying Mantis

A favorite of our younger gardeners, praying mantis are beneficial and educational for all ages of gardeners. They are not picky about what pests they eat. Egg cases are available for purchase in spring.

Pest Management

Even the best gardeners need a little help controlling pests from time to time! We carry a range of pest control products for the critters that wreak havoc on our gardens. For fruit trees a good regimen of dormant spraying will help alleviate a lot of your bug and fungal problems and traps and lures will help out in fruiting season. For those other pests we carry organic and non organic remedies; from Aphides to Mites, we have your solutions

  • Apple Maggots – Red Spheres, Lures, Horticultural Oils
  • Codling Moth – Attractants, Traps and Horticultural Oils
  • Slugs – Sluggo, Slug Magic (Iron Phosphate)