Benefiting our Community

The focus of Great Western Supply and The Barn Nursery are the needs of the children and youth in Thurston County. We are proud to donate in our community to insure that education for all continues to thrive. We have participated with local schools to help develop gardens for their children with donations of soil, seeds and plants. It is exciting to see the increase of gardening programs in schools where children have the joys of growing vegetables, and beautiful flowers for the first time.

Committed to Our Community and Future

We have given to the horticultural program and scholarships at South Puget Sound Community College. We help develop youth sport parks, donate to the Community Partners for Schools, support students by helping them fulfill the requirements for their paid or non paid internships in their education, support GRUB (Garden Raised Bounty) at Great Western Supply and provide discounts each time they visit to pickup landscape material. GRUB shared photographs with us of community gardens they have established..they are wonderful! St. Martins University renovated their landscape and Great Western Supply and The Barn Nursery donated material for their cause.



Not for Accolades but Results

It is not in the awards that we have received or recognitions of philanthropy, that we give to our community. It is because thirty five years ago when Great Western Supply began and when The Barn Nursery started eight years later, Dan and Carla O'Neill made a promise that our time and donations would be a definite oath of commitment to our community.