Our Staff



Chris Watkins

My passion for plants began when I was very young. As a child, my windowsill always had a small collection of various plants: “old man cactus”, African violets, Coleus that I started from seed….attractive weeds found outside cultivated as indoor plants! As I got older, the plant kingdom became even more fascinating and eventually I enrolled at SPSCC & earned a degree in the field of Horticulture. During one of my work study jobs, I ended up at The Barn Nursery. Flash forward: The plant world is such a varied and interesting collection of genus and species, here at The Barn we are fortunate enough to have access to this wonderful world through a great network of local plant growers. [/one_half]


Jennifer Smith

I have been with The Barn as a part-time and full-time employee for 15 years and have also served in retail business and customer service for 25 years. I earned my degree in Horticulture from WSU as I developed my love for plants and gardening as well as landscape and design. I bring many unique talents to The Barn including professional landscaping, container and pot customizing, design and display, and extensive floral experience. I love working at The Barn because I enjoy helping customers optimize their yard or garden to make it look its best – no matter how big or small! I also appreciate the people I work with at The Barn and love the family-like atmosphere! [/one_half_last]