Plants, Flowers, Herbs & Edibles


Annuals grow and complete their lifecycle in one season, but they more than make up for their short life span by providing an abundance of color throughout the summer.


Perennials are the backbone of the flower border. Most are long lived plants, returning each year with fabulous foliage and/or bloom. We carry a nice selection for you to choose from.


Roses are one of the few shrubs that will bloom from late spring until fall. A majority of the varieties we select display above average disease resistance. New bare-root Roses arrive in Jan/Feb. We carry a nice selection including Hybrid Teas, English/David Austin Roses, Hardy Shrubs & Climbers.

Plants for Shade

Just about all homeowners have a shady spot in their landscape and there are plants suited for those locations. Ferns, Hosta, Sweetbox & Skimmia are just a few of the standard plants for shady areas that we stock regularly.

Native Plants

Native plants have gained in popularity due to their adaptability, drought resistance and low maintenance. When adding plants to your landscape, consider including some native selections. The Vine Maple makes a wonderful specimen and lights up in fall with gorgeous shades of red, orange and yellow. Evergreen Huckleberries are wonderful native plants with beautiful foliage and edible, rich tasting berries. Plant a Red Flowering Currant and the hummingbirds will love you!

Pond Plants

Water gardens benefit from the addition of pond plants because they help filter out nutrients that feed algae, give ponds a more natural appearance and they provide shade & cover for fish. Create your own oasis of tranquility by adding plants to accent your pond.

Herbs & Edibles

Bare-root berries & fruit trees begin arriving in late January. Seed potatoes, asparagus & rhubarb follow shortly, then cold hardy vegetable starts and herbs. Warm weather vegetables and tender herbs are available later in spring with the largest selection falling right around Mother’s Day. We also carry a wonderful assortment seeds and supplies for those who want to start their own plants.