Tools, Gloves, and Bulk Rolls

Gardening Tools & Gloves

Tools can be personal and specific in selection to a gardener just as knives are to a chef. A well-suited tool can make strenuous tasks in the garden easier and, therefore, more enjoyable.

Long handle or short? Heavy or lightweight? For standing or kneeling?

We have a range of tools in many different sizes and shapes to meet almost every gardener’s needs, including a beautiful a selection of fine Asian tools. And we also carry tools for our young upcoming gardeners!

Besides an array of tools we have gloves to choose from in different materials and sizes.

Bulk Rolls

The Barn Nursery carries a variety of products in bulk rolls (sold by the linear foot).

  • Weed Barrier (3 and 6 ft widths) – Weed control in your unplanted areas
  • Landscape Barrier (3 and 6ft widths) – Weed control in planted areas
  • Green House Plastic (10 and 24 ft widths) – 6 mil and UV resistant. We use it for our greenhouses.
  • Remay (6 ft wide) – Cover your crop for warmth and insect barrier.
  • Shade Cloth(12 ft wide) – Our shade cloth is 70% sun blockage.
  • Privacy Shade Screen(6 ft wide)- Helps to protect from the sun scorch and can be used for privacy. It is light green in color.

For bulk quantities of any gardening/landscaping supplies, to include mulch, soil, soil amendments, bark, stone, gravel and sand, please visit our sister company Great Western Supply. Just down the street from us, Great Western Supply’s products and services truly make this a one stop shopping trip for you. Get what you went to grow from us, and what you need to grow it in from Great Western.