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The Barn Nursery Value Priced Garden Seed

No matter what you are growing be it vegetables, herbs, or flowers, check out our huge and diverse seed selection. Our brand of garden seed is a collection of varieties that are proven to be friendly in our Pacific Northwest Climate. We purchase thousands of pounds in bulk, package it right here in our store, and pass the savings on to you. You’ll save up to 60% (sometimes more) compared to national brands, garden catalogs, and websites. For over 20 years gardeners have been relying on our high quality seed for successful gardens, visit us today to start saving.

Benefits of Growing from Seed

We carry organic heirloom and local seed companies. The benefits of growing your own flowers and vegetables from seed are:

  • Seeds are fun to watch grow
  • Healthier
  • Cost less
  • More plentiful
  • Fresher
  • You have a choice of the variety
  • Good exercise
  • Fun Family time

One Stop Shopping for all your Planting Needs

You will feel proud of your green thumb!! We also have seed starting supplies: soil, pots, trays, and heating mats.

Irish Eyes Seeds from Ellensburg, WA

Territorial Seeds from Oregon

Ed Hume Seeds from Kent, WA

Seed Savers Exchange from Iowa

Livingston Seed from Ohio

Thompson Morgan Seed – European Seed